Aged-Casked Coffees

As you may already know, unroasted coffee beans are porous and easily pick-up odours from almost anything in their environment.
What if we deliberately exposed those vulnerable, open-pored beans to the natural aromas found in wine, rum, or whisky barrels?
This process enhances the development of complex flavours, giving the coffee a further nuance and differentiation, providing an invigorating sensory experience that will take you to a different level in your coffee enjoyment.
  • Wine Casking is relatively the least risky, since the aroma never overpowers the natural flavours of the bean, and only adds a little of its own texture to the already high-grade coffee. The profile reflects both dry fruit undertones and tannin-related overtones associated with the type of wine used.
  • Whisky Casking comes with its own challenges as it requires green beans with strong character to not overwhelm the final coffee flavour. If it's done right, the coffee will come out with subtle and nuanced oaky flavours.
  • Rum Casking creates the most balanced and well-conditioned of aged coffees. This is because the coffee turns the effects of rum into pleasant, lively, and delicate sweet tones that integrate beautifully with the natural flavours in the beans.
Good Stuff In, Good Stuff Out
The higher grade coffee goes into the cask, the more robust aroma it has when it comes out.  

You may think that the pronounced spirit notes could overwhelm the coffee. However, selecting quality coffees, curing the barrels properly and aging the beans for the right time, will result in enhanced fruity notes with a complex oak-toned profile.

No Alcohol Content
Our coffee is aged in barrels that are dry when charged with coffee beans. In other words, there is no direct contact between beans and the liquid; the aroma inside the barrel creates the flavour.

None of our cask-aged coffees contain any alcohol whatsoever. So, feel free to indulge yourself with Infusion Cask Coffee at any time of day!