• Aged/Casked Coffees, Spice-Infused Coffees and Non-Infused Coffees.

Infusion Cask Coffee

We develop fanciful flavour profiles that combine highly-rated Colombian coffee beans with exceptional spirits/spices to create a delectable, invigorating cup like you have never experienced before!

Aged-Casked Coffees

Spice-Infused Coffees

Non-Infused Coffees

Coffee with a distinctive taste profile


All 3 aged coffees are very good.

The Whisky and Rum aroma of the spirits compliments the coffee.

The Red Wine does have the pleasant grape flavour when it cools down.


Coffee Tasting Lab

We love your Coffees. Another colleague and I are setting up a coffee lab here at the office to try them out using a French press.  

Scott J. 

Whisky Infused Coffee

This coffee is so distinct and special, especially when it came to the tasting notes. It has easily been my most memorable roast I’ve tried this year.

Matt’s Coffee Chat

What our clients say...

I love how in depth the owners are with their coffee knowledge, it really shows their passion and commitment.

~ Trina

Rum Infused Coffee

My expectations for this roast were incredibly high and, long story short, this Rum Infused Coffee not only met them, but surpassed them.